The Ouellette Dental Family

Drs. Paul, Jason and Jonathan Ouellette 1983-2018 pictured with two future dentists!

Dr. Jason Ouellette, Orthodontist, pictured above practices at St. Johns Orthodontics, St. Augustine, Florida.

Ouellette’s Among America’s Premier Dental Families

Spacecoast Medicine Magazine 2013 article updates 2018

Paul Ouellette, DDS, MS, AFAAID, has dedicated his life to his profession as an educator, humanitarian, philanthropist, author, patent holder (4), entrepreneur and leading proponent of the implementation of cutting-edge technology applications in dentistry. As a teenager in the 1960s, he was interested in science and medicine and their growing involvement in revolutionizing how health was perceived. He was a frequent first place science fair competitor. “My orthodontist was the first health care professional to open my eyes to the world of dentistry,” said Dr. Ouellette. “When I became an orthodontist in 1972, methods for orthodontia were still being refined. Since I began practicing orthodontics, technology has evolved in a way that has allowed not only for a more precise treatment, but also for a more personal interaction with patients. Because of this, my enthusiasm and desire to continue practicing has intensified. I want to put off retirement as long as possible to work with my children, lecture to colleagues and watch as our practice as it advances into the 21st century.” Always an inspiration to his children, Dr. Ouellette is now the patriarch of what could be one of America’s first families of dentistry. “My wife of 44 years, Patricia has worked with me in our dental practice and we also raised our four children together,” said Dr. Ouellette. “We are truly a dental family as everyone in our family has pursued a career in dentistry. I guess we all have the “dental gene” in our blood. In my mind, the true measure of a successful career is to be a role model for your children and patients.” Dr. Ouellette’s two sons, Jonathan and Jason, are both dentists. Dr. Jonathan is an implant and sedation trained dentist in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Dr. Jason is an Orthodontist in St. Augustine, Florida. Our daughter, Danielle, studied pre-dentistry for four years to become our family’s Oral Surgeon. She changed her career path to marketing and advertising. She is very skilled in photography and writing. She is currently with a large Ad Agency in New York city. “I am highly motivated to help my sons and daughter become successful in the family practice and their careers,” said Dr. Ouellette. “Their skill sets, caring personalities and positive attitudes will make my objectives a reality.” Dr. Ouellette and his sons launched a successful iPhone app in September BracesHelp with over 30,000 downloads each year. Dr. Ouellette also recently coauthored an iPad book on 3D Dentistry with his two sons. “The book is aimed at the general public and is available at” said Dr. Ouellette. In 2010 Doctor Ouellette completed the 375-hour GHSU AAID Maxi-Implant Residency learning to place endosseous dental implants as part of future dental services to his patients. In 2011 he attended every Maxi One session for a second year contributing orthodontic knowledge and teaching clinical techniques to the 2011 course participants. Dr. Ouellette was an adjunct faculty member of the 2012 AAID MCG/Maxi Course Dream Team.


Dr. Ouellette has practiced for more than 45 years and received his college education and Bachelor of Science Degree at Texas A&M University. He studied dentistry at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois where he earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Certificate of Orthodontic Specialty and Masters Degree in Oral Biology.One of the pioneers of sonographic analysis of TMJ sounds and results, Dr. Ouellette’s studies have been presented on numerous occasions, nationally and internationally. His masters thesis was on the subject of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), entitled “Electronic Auscultation and Sonographic Audio-Spectral Analysis of the Temporomandibular Joint.”

In addition to his TMJ research, Dr. Ouellette has published numerous papers on the subject Orthognathic Surgery (Orthodontic Surgery). Results of his research and several of his treated patients appear in professional publications, national magazines, and in the first edition of CHANGE YOUR SMILE by the world famous Atlanta clinician, Dr. Ronald Goldstein. He has also served as a contributing editor of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics and a reviewer for the Journal of the American Association of Orthodontists.

Dr. Ouellette’s presentation, “3D Adjunctive Orthodontics and Implant Dentistry,” received first place honors at the 40th ICOI World Congress XXIX in Sept. 2012 in Orlando, Florida. In 2016 he won first place for his Poster Presentation at the annual ICOI meeting.


Early in his career, Dr. Ouellette taught full time in the Emory School of Dentistry Orthodontic Department. “I was director of the clinic and had the pleasure of teaching and learning with the eight orthodontic residents,” said Dr. Ouellette. “Most of my residents were my same age at the time. Having to prepare lectures, continuing education courses, research grants and interact with the residents and undergraduate dental students really helped me “put it all together.” They were my teachers. At Loyola School of Dentistry, orthodontic residents were exposed to every imaginable orthodontic philosophy and technique. “It was difficult to grasp and understand all the different orthodontic philosophies,” said Dr. Ouellette. “Dr. Larry Andrews visited Loyola and the residents helped gather plaster study models of ideal dental occlusions for his early research. Results of his research led to the evolution of the straightwire orthodontic appliance. This was one of the early ‘sea changes’ in orthodontics.” In addition, Dr. Robert Ricketts often visited the school to present courses and lectures. “Dr. Ricketts helped us better understand cephalometrics, bioprogressive mechanics and facial esthetics,” said Dr. Ouellette. Dr. Donald Hilgers, Chairman of Loyola’s Orthodontic Department was Dr. Ouellette’s orthodontist when he was 14 years old. “I had the opportunity to work with him as a teenager when he was writing his PhD Thesis,” said Dr. Ouellette. When he graduated from Loyola School of Dentistry Dr. Ouellette’s former orthodontist, Dr. Hilgers, had become the orthodontic chair. “I am so thankful to Dr. Hilgers for being my role model and teaching me how to influence young people in a positive way,” said Dr. Ouellette.


Dr. Ouellette eventually started a part time private practice in metro Atlanta and it quickly grew, and over past 45 years he has practiced in the both the Atlanta area and also in Central Florida. “After three years at Emory, I regretfully resigned as Assistant Professor to devote full time to private practice. During my early years, I continued to present numerous courses, lectures, table clinics and contributed to professional journals when time permitted. Dr. Ouellette was one of the founding members of the Atlanta Craniofacial Team involved in the correction of developmental deformities (severe orthodontic problems). He served as an Assistant Professor of Orthodontics at Emory School of Dentistry in Atlanta, GA and continues to treat patients with severe skeletal problems in concert with Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons. In July of 2016, Dr. Ouellette was recruited by the Lazzara family to help open the new Georgia School of Orthodontics in Atlanta, Georgia. He was the first Clinical Director of the ADA CODA certified (pre) specialty program. Doctor Ouellette joined Family Orthodontics and Dentistry for Children the next year. He sees orthodontic patients in Austell, Smyrna and Marietta.


Dr. Ouellette makes the charitable aspect of paying it forward a part of his practice. For his motivation, he only has to look one generation back, as he credits his mother, Lanette, with starting the tradition of service in the family. His mother lives in Melbourne and just turned 95 years old.

“We are all blessed with good health and have been afforded the opportunity to be professionally educated,” said Dr. Ouellette. “Each year our family goes on one or more healthcare missions outside the USA.”

The Ouellette’s have traveled to Ecuador on medical missions, providing medical and dental care to 400-500 patients each time.

“One year we traveled to the remote village Cayambe, Ecuador to serve 395 patients,” said Dr. Ouellette. “Our medical and dental team plans to return every year to serve another village near Quito, Ecuador.

After two mission trips to Ecuador, Dr. Ouellette launched the Earn Your Smile program to help those in this country who need financial help for orthodontic work. In addition to helping the charitable organizations obtain volunteers, the program seeks to instill a desire to volunteer in the young. Volunteers must fill out the vouchers and answer questions about what the experience meant to them.

For his outstanding charitable work, Dr. Ouellette was honored with a Space Coast Humanitarian Award in 2010.


“Earn Your Smile helps young patients get braces even if their families have trouble affording them,” said Dr. Ouellette.Children can perform community service hours, preapproved by the orthodontic office.. The charity must sign a voucher, printed out by the patient, to verify the work was done. The patient then turns in those vouchers and gets $12 of orthodontic work for every community service hour. The Dental Specialists office then subtracts the volunteer credits from the patient’s bill. Dr. Ouellette started the program in 2010 and plans to do even more of his work pro bono as his sons can join the practice to keep the business running. He hopes other practices nationwide adopt the Earn Your Smile program and for more information log on to

Left to Right> Dr. Jason, Future Dr. Riley, Dr. Erin and Future Dr. Andy at Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida.


Born in the San Francisco Bay area, Dr. Ouellette’s family moved east when he was very young.

“I have lived and worked in Brevard County, Florida for more than 40 years,” said Dr. Ouellette. “I currently live in Merritt Island with my wife, Patricia – the Boss. I commute to Atlanta to work at Family Orthodontics. We have four children and two dogs, Obie and Chewy.

Dr. Ouellette is a family man that has been involved in many civic activities.

In 1974, he was honored by Mayor Maynard Jackson as one of the “Ten Outstanding Young People in Atlanta.” In addition to being a former member of the American Dental Association, Dr. Ouellette belongs to numerous professional organizations, including the American Association of Orthodontists. In Atlanta, he served as president of the Cobb County Dental Society in the 1970s.

In his spare time, you can find Dr. Ouellette with his family, playing tennis, enjoying water sports, or running in a 10K race – or a 26.2-mile marathon. He has completed 19 national and international marathons in the last 20 years. In 1996 he competed in the 100th running of the “Original Marathon” in Athens, Greece.

“I want to spend my next 40-plus years treating patients at Family Orthodontics, teaching adjunctive orthodontics to implant dentists, traveling to present continuing education programs, part-time faculty appointments (Atlanta and Jacksonville) and spending more time with my family. I am also training for my 20th marathon. “I really love my family and profession. I DO NOT want to retire until I bring to market a “patient affordable” dental implant system.”. said Doctor Ouellette.

Ref:  Spacecoast Medicine Magazine (Updates October 2018)