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My name is Doctor Paul Ouellette. I have been an orthodontic specialist since 1972. The Ouellette Family has been blessed with the dental gene!! My two sons are also dentists, Dr. Jonathan an Implant dentist in Orlando, Florida and Jason an Orthodontist in St. Augustine, Florida. I recently retired from our family’s group private practice to teach orthodontic residents, help my sons in their practices and continue our family legacy project.

Angel investors, Venture Capital and Crowd Funders

We hope to raise $250,000 or more to make the TADplant System available sooner to patients that currently require a dental implant NOW to maintain their future implant sites.  Investment funds will be used to purchase provisional dental implants, surgical instruments and surgical boxes in LARGE quantities allowing us to lower and keep costs down for our users.  We hope the users pass their savings to their patients.

In addition, we are seeking “patient affordable” dental laboratories that will fairly price TADplant provisional and permanent crowns.  The TADplant system has been designed to work with standard impression materials or digital scans.  Provisional crowns can also be 3D printed or milled out of permanent materials.

How can you help!

Up to now our family has financed the development costs of the TADplant System. Surgical instrumentation, 7 dental implant sizes from 4mm-12mm, abutments, healing caps, surgical guide systems, digital scan bodies and many other components have been manufactured in 200 or less quantities.

TADplant Component List

USA FDA 510K registration, ISO and CE certifications are needed for worldwide distribution. Surgical kits are now being CAD designed and an initial order (50-100) being placed. As a family we could continue to self fund, but it may take two or more years to bring the TADplant to market.

Please share information about the TADplant System with your dentist, dental specialists, family and friends.  If you or a friend needs one or more dental implants discuss your options with an implant trained dentist.  If your dentist does currently not place implants we offer webinars and short courses on how to place TADplants quickly, safely and painless.  Offer to purchase our starter kit with several TADplants and instrumentation for your dentist to start placing AFFORDABLE provisional dental implants. The starter kit will cost about $1500.  This is what we charge to place a TADplant and Crown.  After the dentist places your TAD implant, the kit and additional implants are available for other cases. Note: Surgical kits and TADplants will be only shipped to a licensed dental practitioner.

TADplant System: The Easy In — Easy Out Dental Implant

For more than 10 years my sons and I have been developing an affordable temporary aka “provisional dental implant”. Many people with missing teeth could greatly benefit from the use of dental implants. Endosseous (in the bone) dental implants are often the best solution for single or multiple missing teeth. Because of the high cost of implant dentistry, many can not afford implant dentistry at the time it is needed. Younger patients are often not matured or qualify to have dental implants placed. A single endosseous dental implant and crown could cost $10,000 or more with bone or gum grafting surgery. If the patient does nothing he or she will continue to loose bone due to “disuse atrophy”. A temporary dental implant will, at a minimum, maintain bone until a permanent dental implant is placed.

As an orthodontist, I placed hundreds of temporary dental implants (TADs = Temporary Anchorage Device). Orthodontic TADs are used for a few months or years to help the orthodontist straighten teeth. A TAD provides “Anchorage” or a firm post in the bone to attach a spring or elastic. When orthodontic forces are applied only the tooth moves, not the TAD. After the teeth are moved into their prescribed positions, TADs are easily backed out of the bone in 20 or less seconds often without need for anesthesia.

The orthodontic TAD workflow is simple, painless and very quick. The unique characteristics of TADs were applied to the TADplant design and workflow. TADplants are two-piece dental implants. An orthodontic TAD is a single piece implant (or bone screw) with a top that holds a spring or elastics. The hybrid TADplant differs as there is a “prosthetic platform” with platform switching that will support a crown or bridge. TADplants are routinely placed and removed in 30 or less seconds.

TADplants or bone screws are dispensed in bulk, 40 – 60 implants in a surgical kit. Bone screws are used by surgeons to stabilize bone fractures and for spinal fixation. Bone screws cost about 25% of an endosseous dental implant. TADplants are used in a similar manner as a temporary bone anchor or bone fixation/preservation device.

Bulk packaging and simplicity of the insertion and removal workflow allows the dentist or dental specialist to pass on cost savings to the patient. TADplants have been in place for more than 4 years in our clinical trials. The TADplant is designed like a mini dental implant that has been holding bone for more than 14 years. (See Jason Cope Reference)

Good News!

large orthodontic lab, a multi-office group practice owner and a 3D Digital Scan, Design and print/mill lab.  The partnership formed a new entity, a 3D Digital Orthodontic and Prosthetic Laboratory doing business as Provisional Smiles LLC. (

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